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15 Ways To Reclaim Creative Time as a Business Owner

Jan 22, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in CEO and back-end business work when you just want more time get lost in your creative endeavors? Here’s a list of 15 different ideas for you to sneak in more time and reclaim creative time. Some of them are obvious and are on the list as a gentle reminder. Others are a bit more abstract. Give a few of these a try, and if they aren’t working for you, move onto the next few ideas.

Ways to reclaim your creative time:

  1. Schedule time in your day or week to be creative and hold yourself accountable for showing up to these meetings with yourself.
  2. Take your laptop to a new coffeeshop, park, or somewhere you don’t typically work for a few hours. Focus on completing a few business tasks while taking in the new work environment. It also removes temptation to multitask within your typical work area.
  3. Get together with a friend or two either in person or virtually for a few hours. You can each work on your own creative projects with quite (or chatty) company working along side you.
  4. Go for a walk alone. While you are walking, brainstorm your next project. Fresh air, exercise, and preparation? Win-win-win.
  5. Blast some of your favorite music and have a dance party. Endorphins are a great catalyst for creativity and getting those wiggles out helps you focus when the song is done.
  6. Write down ALL of the projects and tasks floating around in your head that you want to finish, start, or create. Sometimes getting everything down on paper can quite our brain so we can better focus on our back-end business priorities.
  7. If you currently schedule creative time but find yourself uninspired, then take a break! It is ok to step away and focus on other items until you get your mojo back. Pick another area of business or life to spend that time on, such as cleaning up your work area, getting ahead with your social media strategy, or brainstorming your upcoming meal plan. This will open your schedule up later to have the time when your creative juices are flowing again.
  8. Take a nap. Rest can make you more productive when you get back to work.
  9. Outsource your 3 least enjoyable business tasks. Hire a virtual assistant, find a bookkeeper, or schedule somebody to come clean your house or office.
  10. Organize your area. Even if your brain works better in a mess, sometimes cleaning is a breath of fresh air that removes all of the junk and clutter crowding our space and mind. Don’t worry, if you want to, you can mess it all up with the good stuff as soon as the junk is cleared out.
  11. Tackle that nagging task in your business that you have been putting off for too long. Get it off your list so it doesn’t continue to drag you down and distract you.
  12. Make a plan. Set your future self up for success and plan your upcoming business as much as your personality will allow. If you aren’t a natural planner, consider occasionally working with somebody that is (hint: business manager, integrator, or virtual assistant). Planning may allow you to go on autopilot. Autopilot can reduce your thinking time, which frees your mind and time up to spend on creative work you enjoy more.
  13. Streamline your business tasks. Think of quick or easy ways to cut out time-wasters, optimize workflows, and remove bottlenecks that are sucking all of your creative time up. Set up a recurring order for packing materials. Put those business expenses on autopay (don’t forget to review them regularly, though). Draft canned emails that you can quickly modify for your most common email interactions.
  14. Schedule a work-away. Book a few days outside of your office or home where you’ll have limited distractions. Focus on getting all kinds of forward planning or nagging business tasks out of the way. This might mean getting an Airbnb in the next town over. Maybe you can stay at your parent’s house down the road for a few days or commit to a few days camped out in your bedroom or on your couch. The main ideas is to pick anywhere outside of your office that will have minimal distractions. Make an agenda of items to accomplish, hole yourself up with some yummy snacks, drool-worthy take-out menus, and a celebratory drink for the end of each day. Bonus if you schedule some self-love in there too, like a massage, great hike, or decadent dinner and hot tub time.
  15. Overhaul the areas of your business that aren’t working. Spend the time or hire hep to clean up, organize, and streamline your back end now, so you free up a mountain of creative time down the road.

When you find yourself with less creative time than you want, it is very easy to become burnt out and loose your fire and desire for running your creative business. Nip that feeling in the bud.

Think about how you can maximize the time you get to spend creating your masterpieces. Does it mean stepping away and taking a break (naptime or reading break, anyone) ? Have you tried multitasking (like taking a walk and doing some brainstorming)? What about bringing in help, either short term or long term to remove some of those business tasks from your plate?

Let Traction Business Solutions step in and back. We can help you strategize your business back end, take over business projects or regular business tasks that you don’t find fulfilling, or hold you accountable and make sure that you are continuing to cultivate your own productivity and not burning out.

What tools or tactics do you use when you find yourself trying to reclaim creative time?

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