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When In Doubt, Be Useful

Jan 23, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself a question like this, especially with regards to your business? Sure, when you started, you likely did so with a belief that your product or service would make your customer’s or clients lives better, more beautiful, more fun. In your daily grind though, how often do you consider how useful you are to your clients or customers? What about the team members you work with?

I like to keep this in mind both in my own business and when I’m helping clients streamline and optimize their business back end. What’s something you can tweak to make your client interaction, your product, or your business back-end more useful to others?

Here are a few items to consider improving in your business that customers, clients, or team members may find useful:

  • Ask for feedback. One of the best ways to make sure you are seen as useful is to straight up ask how you can better serve your clients and customers. Put a suggestions box on your sales counter. Send a survey out to your email list. Add a prompt to your client testimonial request.
  • Make your website more accessible. One easy way to do this is by adding or including Alt Text on all pictures. Another is to make sure your website text has plenty of contrast so it stands out clearly.
  • Send out meeting reminders a day or two before your chat. Remind your clients of exactly what you’ll go over, what they need to come prepared with, what time to show up, and how or where to be at the appropriate time.
  • Set boundaries. If your clients clearly know when or how to contact you, they may be put more at ease and prepared when they actually need you.
  • If you are a brick-and-mortar business, add a seat or beverage station. Customers may often be more tired or thirsty than they realize.
  • Clearly stating expectations of your team members. State deadlines on projects and requirements of deliverables. If you have a firm idea or expectation on something, let your team members know what confines they have to work within.
  • Write, video, or somehow record tedious or difficult tasks that others need to execute as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). A lot of people would rather follow instructions at their own pace than constantly ask questions about how to do something as they learn.

How can you be more useful to the individuals that participate in or interact with your business? Are there small tweaks that you can make to have a big impact on how you improve your customer’s or client’s day?



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