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10 Reasons To Work With A Business Manager

Jan 29, 2021

It can be difficult to accept that it is time to bring in help or start to outsource portions of your work. Bringing in help means loosening the reigns on parts of your business that you have often poured your heart into. It also means giving up a chunk of your hard earned money. This post lists 10 things to consider when hiring a business manager seems daunting. Keep in mind that these reasons to work with a business manager can benefit you whether you work with a business manager periodically (such as quarterly or annually) or for continuous support of your creative small business.

Lets quickly define what a business manager can do for your business. Typically, business managers make sure the right things (planning) get done in the right way (systems). They make sure those tasks are done by the right people (team management) at the right time (project management). Historically, business managers have been physically present to support a brick-and-mortar business. It is becoming increasingly popular for small businesses to hire online business managers (also referred to as remote business managers ). Online business managers can provide excellent support, especially as remote work becomes more common and teams become increasingly remote.

Here are 10 reasons to work with a business manager for you small business.

I’ll break these into two different benefit groups: Business expertise and Personal CEO Benefits. They are listed in no particular order. Decide the impact the benefits may have on your business based on your overall business and personal goals and expectations.

Business Expertise

  1. ROI – Return on Investment: A good business manager should easily return more profit (hopefully many times more) to your bottom line than they cost. They should have the foresight with planning and systems to optimize operations.
  2. Metrics: Business managers will help you track the correct business metrics. By tracking the correct metrics, you can understand the variables that have the most impact on achieving your business goals.
  3. Transformation: Business managers can step in and execute projects on your business back-end that can streamline or transform your business and how it is run.
  4. Team and Hiring Management: Business managers can help you decide what type of team members would be most beneficial, then help find and train the right team members.
  5. Scale: Typically, you bring in a business manager on a contract basis. Their workload can scale as your business grows. Remember, though. Working with a business manager on strategic planning regularly can help you to check and adjust your business goals based on ever-changing environments and situations. Depending on your business, consider reviewing your strategy and goals monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to keep things on track.

Personal CEO Benefits

  1. Time: Getting help with strategic planning, systems, project management, and team management can free up valuable time. You can use this time to focus on CEO tasks. These include growing your business and planning for the future. It may help you regain your creative time. You can also regain personal time to pursue any priorities you may have outside of your business.
  2. Vision: The goal of a business manager is to help you achieve your vision. They keep your best interests in mind. Their goal is to help you make the right decisions as you navigate changes and growth within your business.
  3. Alternate perspective: Business managers provide a different perspective. They may have insight into a variety of industries, best practices, or ideas that you haven’t considered.
  4. Balance: Business managers can balance out strong personality or work traits that you have as the CEO. If you are a big picture dreamer, your business manager can help you manage road blocks that you may not consider. Do you ere on the cautious side? Your business manager can encourage you and help you go for your big dreams.
  5. Mental Overwhelm: Reduce your mental overwhelm by handing off or getting help with tasks you don’t want to focus on. Reserve your mental capacity for your art or service. A business manager can either take on these tasks themselves or help you find other team members to step in and execute.

It can be easy to focus on how much it costs to work with a business manager. It is so much more important to consider how beneficial a business manager can be. Don’t forget about the the big, important things like your bottom line, business strategy, and time.

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