What is a business integrator?

Jul 13, 2021

Have you heard of a business integrator before? It is a new-ish term in the business world and it could be the secret to propelling your business forward.

In short, a business integrator’s role is to help a CEO translate their big dreams and business vision into reality. How do they do it? A CEO and integrator work closely together to clearly identify the end results (the big dreams and business visions). They identify the different components required to achieve those goals, then determine the discrete actions required within each of those components to get the job done. Another way to think of an integrator is as a project manager who’s primary focus is on the projects within your business that will move the needle toward your ultimate business visions.

Who may benefit from a business integrator?

Any business owner who has a big goal or vision but needs help figuring out the best way to get there and executing that plan. Here are some example situations when a business integrator can step in and work their magic:

  • You want to add a significant new course, program, or service.
  • You know you need to organize or overhaul your business back-end, systems, and/or processes.
  • Your business needs a project management system or client relationship management system and you want help picking the right one and getting it set up.
  • It is time to add new team members but you aren’t comfortable with the hiring process.
  • Income has plateaued and you are ready to make changes to gain more money, more freedom of time, or both.
  • You feel scattered, overwhelmed, or exhausted when it comes to your business. It is time to get help getting out of your rut and trying new things in your business.
  • You know things in your business aren’t working but you don’t know where to start. You need help and accountability getting things heading in the right direction

What’s the difference between an integrator, an OBM, and a VA?

There is some confusion between the roles of an integrator, an OBM (online business manager) and a VA (virtual assistant). It is common for the lines between these roles to be a bit blurry, but here’s a bit of clarification.

A business integrator‘s role is to look at the big picture of your business or a significant project within your business, They make a strategic plan to execute the work required to achieve those big goals and move your business forward. In some instances, an integrator may also be called a COO (chief operating officer). Again, a business integrator is often a project manager for strategic growth and change in a business.

An OBM‘s role is to manage the day-to-day operations within your business. This role may include managing team members. It involves overseeing more strategic daily work and problem solving to keep the wheels moving each day such as inventory planning, team time management, or tracking business metrics. An OBM is often heavily involved in higher-level, shorter-term planning and preparations. They typically focus on systems, tech, and processes. An OBM is a project manager for the day-to-day, ongoing operations of a business.

A VA‘s role is often to do the work. They take guidance and direction from a business owner or OBM to implement and get things done. VAs are often task orientated and focuses on specific silos of a business For example, a VA might specialize in things like social media, customer service, or email management. They are workhorses and can be a very beneficial team member to have when you need more hands on deck. They are a great resource to take tasks off of your plate so you can free up your CEO time to focus on your zone of genius.

In summary, a business integrator’s role is to understand an end goal that can transform your business, then reverse engineer an action plan to reach that vision.

  • What is required to achieve the end goal?
  • How will those collateral items be created or tasks be completed?
  • Who will complete each task?
  • When (and in what order) will each task be completed in order to achieve those goals?

Are you ready to make moves in your business? Do you need help getting your systems and processes in order so you can gain more freedom of time? Do you need to provide a more consistent experience for your clients? Is it time to grow your team and expand your offers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, send me a message. I would love to chat and see if our integrator, OBM, or project management support can help you out.

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