of my own business goals and dreams that buck the social norm


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experiences and dreams of yours that I can't wait to hear about. 


ideas to brainstorm with you to move your business forward


I'm Elizabeth Broderick, a 33 year old woman  that spent 10 years as an engineer in the big city before I realized I wanted something different. I wasn't interested in the picture of success that the corporate world and city lifestyle had in store for me. Now I live in Wyoming with my husband, kids, and pup while I flip the script, define what success looks like for me, and help other creative small business owners do the same.

•Planning and executing multi-million dollar, tight-timeline projects and programs
•Working with and managing diverse teams and personalities
•Co-owning an online quilt and yarn shop

•Project management
•Organizing and systematizing just about anything
•Helping my clients to create and sustain a business that gives them a "fire in your belly" feeling

The Traction Equation

•Your business goals
•Your work and business style
•Your unique perspective
•Your personal experiences



A realistic action plan to reach and sustain YOUR version of business success

My Experiences

My Interests



The sound of Water (Rivers, Rain, Waves, and Waterfalls

A cold Craft beer

A tough workout

Travel and different cultures

A few of my favorite things

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