Have you heard of a business integrator before? It is a new-ish term in the business world and it could be the secret to propelling your business forward. In short, a business integrator’s role is to help a CEO translate their big dreams and business vision into reality. How do they do it? A CEO […]

What is a business integrator?

womxn working on laptop and writing down tasks

No, I’m not talking about the neck of your evening drink of choice. I’m talking about the areas of your business that everything seems to get caught up in. You know, those specific areas where the things to do add up so much quicker than they get crossed off the list? In corporate speak, a […]

Bottleneck: What is it and how do you deal with them?

Do you fully understand the foundation of your business? When I meet with clients, we review all five of these basic rules to make sure they are maintaining a healthy business with a sturdy foundation. If any one of these basic rules aren’t followed, your business has the potential to crumble before your eyes. Do […]

5 Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Business

An open laptop on a desk with a lit candle, a small plant, and a pencil jar. Represents post discussing reasons to work with a business manager in your small business.

It can be difficult to accept that it is time to bring in help or start to outsource portions of your work. Bringing in help means loosening the reigns on parts of your business that you have often poured your heart into. It also means giving up a chunk of your hard earned money. This […]

10 Reasons To Work With A Business Manager