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The traction intensive is for business owners who need guidance on how to move their business forward.  It is a 30-day program that includes two strategy calls, a personalised action road map for you to follow based on your goals, priorities, personality, and workstyle.  It also includes 30 days of Voxer access to me so I can hold you accountable and support you on your way. 

Traction Intensive

We offer 3, 6, or 12-month retainers for business owners who want longer-term business management support.  These packages include regular calls to review and plan your business, as well as a set number of business manager or project manager hours per month for the Traction team to dedicate toward your business and priorities. 

Horsepower Retainers

We start doing the hard work and moving towards your version of success!

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You choose which package or packages work best for you right now.

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We'll schedule a 30 minute call to go over your business situation and discuss a few different package options. 

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What to Expect

Fill out our questionare to give us more background on your business, hangups, and goals. 

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We're flattered! Please send a note via the Contact Us form with a little bit about yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit on our team. 

I want to work for Traction as a team member.  how do i apply?

You will have an initial interest call with me, Elizabeth (the CEO).  Based on your business needs, a Traction team member (or a few depending on the size of your work scope) will be selected to carry out the work. Right now this little baby biz is primarily a solo workforce, but I will be bringing on additional team members as we grow.  Your project or package will be assigned to a specific team member to maintain consistency. 

If i hire traction Bus soln to do work for me, who will i work with?

VIP intensive days provide a significant bang for your buck.  In a matter of hours, we will take a business goal you have that may seem daunting, create an overall strategy for how YOU want to achieve it with a variety of options on how you can accomplish your goals.  Then, based on your preferences and situation, we create a clear, actionable roadmap with steps to get you there.  

What is the benefit of booking a Horsepower VIP day?

Price varies depending on the scope of work we will provide for your specific package(s).  Prior to our first chat, you will fill out a questionnaire to give us a better idea of how we can best help you, and a price will be provided to you based on your answers.  

Why don't you list prices for your packages?

Common Questions

Although our packages are designed to fit together, the can also be very beneficial when booked independent of each other. Whether you use one, one-at-a-time, or book one type of package over and over to make big strides quickly, Traction is totally on board.  If you aren't sure what package or packages work best for you, and in what timeline you should consider using them, please contact us so we can schedule a call to discuss your options. 

Are the packages designed to be used together? Do I have to commit to more than one?

Yes!  As Traction grows, we want to identify the services, products, courses, and community that YOU want most. This might include helpful free downloads, for-purchase digital courses and templates, and a community that includes group coaching and challenges.  Let us know what you are after so we can get to work.  

Do you have any other products or services coming down the pipeline?

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